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Plastic Surgeons Comment on Non-surgical Breast Enhancement

The doctors at Plastic Surgery Center of the South discuss non-surgical breast enhancement treatments and how they compare to procedures such as a breast lift in Atlanta.

Marietta, Georgia (July 2012) – Despite a lot of hype in the media about topical creams and natural herbs that will increase breast fullness, the board-certified plastic surgeons at Plastic Surgery Center of the South say surgical procedures such as a breast lift offer Atlanta area patients who come to their practice much more predictable outcomes.

"Some of the products that are being offered these days tout the fact that they are 'all natural,' which many people interpret to mean 'safe,' " says Dr. Michael Petrosky, one of the practice's surgeons. "Take puerifica mirifica for example. This herb from Thailand is the primary ingredient in many 'breast-enlargement' creams. It hasn't been thoroughly studied. It's not FDA approved. No one really knows what possible side effects it may have."

Nor is there any certainty that it actually works, says Dr. James E. Leake, one of Dr. Petrosky's partners in the practice.

"Even if it does work, no one knows if the results will last," Dr. Leake says. "For whatever reason, it may cause the breasts to swell up a bit, but chances are they will return to their previous appearance once the effect wears off."

Dr. Leake says adding implants, removing excess skin, and re-shaping the breasts through advanced surgical techniques will help ensure that the changes made to the breasts will be long-lasting.

Another important issue with breast-enhancement creams is the lack of control that the user has over the results.

The doctors at Plastic Surgery Center of the South stress that when patients come to their practice in Marietta for breast augmentation surgery, the first step is a thorough consultation, during which a precise surgical plan is drawn up to meet the woman's specific needs.

"Not only can surgery create fuller, more beautifully shapes breasts, but we have control over many aspects of the breast appearance," says Dr. E. Anthony Musarra, also a partner in the practice. "If a patient has a symmetry issue, for example, where one breast is slightly larger than the other, we can adjust the procedure to compensate for the size difference. Or, if a patient needs a lift in combination with their augmentation, we can easily do that."

All three doctors agree that while creams and lotions may sound like a quick and easy, non-invasive way of achieving larger breasts, the best method for ensuring predictable, long-lasting results for their patients is surgery. "Our Marietta plastic surgery patients get the results they want with minimal discomfort and a short recovery time. They typically find the results to be worth it," says Dr. Petrosky.

At Plastic Surgery Center of the South, the doctors and their staff offer a full array of cosmetic surgery procedures for the face and body as well as the latest in non-surgical, FDA-approved treatments for body contouring and facial rejuvenation.

A breast augmentation or breast lift in Atlanta at Plastic Surgery Center of the South can help you regain the self-confidence and figure you deserve. Call us today at (770) 421-1242 or request a consultation online to discuss breast lift surgery and whether it is right for you.

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