A Beach-Ready Body in No Time

A beach-ready body in no time magazine article

A Beach-Ready Body in No Time

Body contouring procedures will have you bikini-ready by summer

by Alison Adamo

Imagine sporting an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny bikini this summer, minus the back fat, bulging belly, arm fl ab and cellulite. Are you having difficulty envisioning this? If so, the experts at Plastic Surgery Center of the South in Marietta can come to your rescue.

With more than 70 years of combined experience, Drs. James Leake, Michael Petrosky, and Anthony Musarra, II, are dedicated to providing excellence in plastic surgery. As more and more individuals are taking better care of themselves, Leake, Petrosky and Musarra are exceeding their patients’ standards by offering quality care, personalized service and innovative techniques in the plastic surgery arena.

If you’re like many people who desire a beautifully contoured, beach-ready body, Plastic Surgery Center of the South offers body contouring procedures that will transform your body from ordinary to out-of-this-world. And the best part is, downtime isn’t extensive and pain isn’t excruciating. Interested? Read on.

According to Musarra, “We go to great lengths to limit the amount of pain that is often associated with invasive plastic surgery, which includes injecting a certain amount of anesthesia into areas that are being treated, as well as providing adequate pain medication.” Body contouring procedures include liposuction, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), brachioplasty (arm lift), thigh and buttock lift, and breast surgery; they may be performed in conjunction with one another, depending on the patient’s needs and desires.

“Liposuction is great for people with fullness but no loose skin,” Petrosky says. If you have unwanted fat deposits that do not respond to dieting and exercise, liposuction is an excellent way to shape the contour of your body. Petrosky also notes that this popular procedure permanently changes a person’s contours and has been refi ned over the years, which means faster recovery times and increased safety for the patient.

If you desire a fl at tummy, then a tummy tuck may be your answer to achieving a beach-ready body. A good candidate for a tummy tuck is someone who is healthy and fi t, but cannot get rid of fat and loose skin around his or her abdomen. For example, a woman who is in good shape but has undergone multiple pregnancies will experience remarkable results with a tummy tuck. However, this procedure is not gender specific. “Men also respond well to tummy tucks. In fact, we often operate on our female patients’ husbands once they see how happy their wives are post surgery,” Leake says.

Even if you have a strikingly sculpted body, saggy, fl abby arms are sure to clash in that itsy-bitsy bikini. An arm lift will tighten the loose skin around the arms, which is often the result of significant weight loss or gravity. “If you have small to moderate excess skin, and are concerned about the large scar that a brachioplasty leaves behind, then we can perform a mini arm lift instead,” Leake says. An arm lift tightens and reshapes the arm by removing excess skin and fat. Discomfort is mild to moderate, and patients may resume normal activities two weeks post surgery.

A thigh and buttock lift will shape your thighs and boost your behind—what more could you ask for? If your thigh drastically improves in appearance when you lift up the loose skin, then you may be a good candidate for a thigh lift. Additionally, if you have a surplus of skin along the buttocks, as well as a great deal of cellulite, a buttock lift is the answer to achieving a truly beautiful behind.

Last, but certainly not least, is breast surgery, which may involve a breast augmentation or reduction, along with a mastopexy (breast lift). “Aside from liposuction, breast surgery is the most sought after procedure,” Musarra notes. An augmentation is ideal for someone who wants to enlarge small or underdeveloped breasts, restore volume lost from pregnancy or weight loss, balance out the breasts, and improve the overall shape and appearance.

No one wants to reveal oversized, pendulous breasts when wearing a swimsuit. “To reduce the size of your breasts, a breast reduction is performed, whereby excess tissue, fat and skin are removed, and the nipple and areola are moved into a new position. Then, skin from both sides of the breast is brought down and around the areola, shaping and contouring the new breast,” states Petrosky. A breast lift may also be in order to further lift and shape the breasts.

If you’re unhappy with your appearance, rest assured that options are available to improve the contour of your body (and lift your spirits, too). Don’t feel ashamed in that bikini; instead, embrace the body that shows it off. With help from the experienced surgeons at Plastic Surgery Center of the South, along with their incredibly supportive staff, you will be beach-ready in no time. Go ahead—sport that itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny bikini. We dare you!

For more information about Plastic Surgery Center of the South, call (770) 421-1242 or visit www.plasticsurgerycenterofthesouth.net.

Alison Adamo is a local freelance writer and editor.

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