Marietta Plastic Surgeons Explore Satisfaction Rates for Facial Procedures

A group of Marietta, GA facial plastic surgery specialists says the key to good results, from facelift surgery to BOTOX® injections, is creating a natural look.

Marietta, Georgia (August 2015) — Surgeons at Plastic Surgery Center of the South ( in Marietta say patient satisfaction rates for facial plastic surgery and non-surgical aesthetic procedures seem to be up in recent years, likely due to the rising number of options that produce results that look very natural.

Indeed, satisfaction seems to be high industry-wide. A recent study published in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery® showed facelift patients said they were “extremely satisfied with their decision to undergo face lifting and the outcomes and quality of life following the procedure.”

The study’s authors also said that, despite the increasing popularity of injectables and non-invasive procedures, facelifts performed by experienced and skilled plastic surgeons remain unmatched when it comes to results.

“In this era where the search for non-invasive alternatives to face lifting is relentless,” the researchers wrote, “this study demonstrates that face lifting should not be discarded as the standard against which other procedures are compared until a time when other procedures can demonstrate comparable satisfaction.”

Still, satisfaction rates are also high among women and men who choose non-surgical facial rejuvenation, according to RealSelf, a highly popular online community that features questions and reviews from patients, in addition to answers from board-certified specialists. For instance, among nearly 1,600 BOTOX patients who posted reviews on RealSelf over a 24-month period, 93% said getting the injections was “worth it.”

“Results for both non-surgical and surgical treatments are better than ever before,” Dr. Corey Harkins says. “The rise in non-surgical has opened up cosmetic enhancement to a whole new demographic of people who might otherwise have done nothing because they weren’t interested in surgery. Now, people at all levels of need can get great results.”

Fellow surgeon Dr. E. Anthony Musarra says that while strong results are possible both with and without surgery, the key for either approach is making sure patients choose a physician who uses a “light touch.”

“It’s still extremely important to choose a surgeon who listens closely to your concerns and creates a treatment plan that offers subtle results,” Dr. Musarra says. “Qualified surgeons know a conservative approach is often best.”

Selecting the right doctor may mean multiple consultations with plastic surgeons, says another specialist in the Marietta, Georgia, practice.

“Finding a qualified, experienced surgeon who takes a subtle, ‘natural’ approach to facial plastic surgery is one of the key factors in being satisfied with the results,” Dr. Michael Petrosky says. “Also, patients need to trust in their surgeons’ expertise and have realistic expectations. Patients who expect to look decades younger may be disappointed, but those who expect to look refreshed and great for their age can be very impressed by today’s techniques. Surgeons do a good job of managing those expectations these days, and I think that’s part of why satisfaction rates are so high.”

Trusting your plastic surgeon is the key to great results. Request a consultation at Plastic Surgery Center of the South using the online form, or call  (770) 421-1242 to schedule an appointment.

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