3 Options After Breastfeeding

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With plastic surgery, there are many ways to improve the size and shape of your breasts after breastfeeding. Usually, I recommend either a breast lift or breast implants for my Atlanta area patients. Sometimes I recommend a combination of the two.
If you have been looking for a way to restore your breasts after pregnancy, here are 3 techniques that may help you:

  • Breast implants: Many women are surprised to find that their breasts appear smaller after breastfeeding. That’s because the milk-production system shrinks after the baby is weaned, since it is no longer necessary. This also can happen soon after the baby is born if the mother is not breastfeeding. Although the breasts shrink, the skin does not. This can create a flat, deflated look.
    Breast implants replace the volume that is often lost after breastfeeding. Saline or silicone gel implants can provide a curvier, fuller look to give women the shape they had before pregnancy, or even enhance their pre-pregnancy figures.
  • Breast lift: Depending on a woman’s skin elasticity, her breasts may droop or sag after pregnancy. This can make some women feel self-conscious. Breast lift surgery improves both the breast shape and the nipple position to create breasts that are firmer and perkier. A breast lift will not increase breast volume, however, which is why some women may choose to combine this procedure with breast implants.
  • Breast lift with implants: To enhance the size of the breasts and achieve a youthful-looking breast position, a combination of a breast lift and augmentation is often recommended. This technique is preferred for women who have a great degree of breast sag and who also desire a fuller breast size. Women with only a small degree of sagging may benefit from breast implants alone.

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