A Better Balance: Achieving Symmetry With Breast Implants

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Here’s a common concern few people talk about openly: asymmetrical breasts. Although it’s rarely discussed outside a plastic surgeon’s office, most women actually have breasts of different sizes or positions. We often can correct asymmetry with breast augmentation implants for Atlanta women undergoing breast enhancement surgery.

How can you fix asymmetrical breasts?

Breast enhancement remains the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the U.S., according to The Aesthetic Society.  Fortunately, there are a few things a surgeon can do during these breast enhancement procedures to make a woman’s breasts more even.

Use Different Implant Sizes

First, implants of different sizes can be used for each breast. It’s common for surgeons to use temporary sizers in the operating room so they can get a better idea of what a patient’s results will look like. Then, when the surgeon finds a solution that brings the asymmetrical breasts into better balance, he or she can insert long-term implants.

Fill With Differing Amounts of Saline

It’s also possible with saline implants to use the same implant for each breast but to fill one slightly more than the other. This option is not available for patients who choose silicone implants, which come prefilled. Some saline implants, though, are filled after they are inserted, so the surgeon can customize the size of each breast as needed.

Position Breasts to Match

Another way physicians address asymmetry is through their surgical techniques. This factor often comes into play with such breast enhancement procedures as a breast lift or reduction. A surgeon can remove tissue or place sutures in such a way that the position or appearance of one breast matches up better with the other.

Choose a Skilled Surgeon

It’s important for patients, and women in general, to remember that breast asymmetry is completely normal. There’s also a slight risk that a patient’s breasts may still be out of balance after her procedure. In such cases, if the asymmetry is pronounced enough, revisionary surgery can typically correct any concerns. Patients can minimize their risks, though, by choosing experienced, board-certified plastic surgeons who specialize in breast enhancement.

You can see our surgeons’ skill at creating symmetrical breasts by browsing our patients’ breast augmentation before-and-after photos. And be sure to take a look at our related blog post to learn how to identify a good breast augmentation result.

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