Bra Shopping After Your Breast Augmentation

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After your breast augmentation surgery, you will certainly want to buy some new bras to complement your new breasts. However, I advise my breast augmentation patients from Atlanta, Roswell, and other cities near Marietta to hold off on that shopping spree at least for a few months post-surgery.

The Best Bras for Healing

In the 4 to 6 weeks following surgery, I advise my patients to wear a supportive, soft cup sports bra. While it may not be the most attractive bra to wear, it is going to provide the support necessary during this critical healing stage. (Review this blog post for more recovery information.) Wearing a traditional or underwire bra during this stage could have the potential to damage the muscles or the incisions, so it’s best to stick to the soft sports bra.

At the 1-month follow-up consultation, I check in on how my patients are healing — and if all is going well, I will give them the go ahead to begin shopping for new bras. However, this is still not the time to spend your entire bra budget. It can take up to 3 months post-operation for the implants to fully settle, so until then, the safest choice is to purchase a couple traditional bras to wear before the 3-month mark.

Wait 3 Months

When the 3-month mark finally rolls around, you can head out on that bra shopping spree knowing you should be ready for a new bra wardrobe. I recommend getting fitted for a bra at a local lingerie boutique who can help you understand the signs of a well-fitted bra.

Focus on Fit, Not Cup Size

Most importantly, don’t stress over the cup size. You may have asked for a certain cup size prior to your surgery, but when it comes to bras, sizing is at the discretion of the manufacturers. Learning about what a properly fitted bra feels like, rather than simply what cup size it is, will be beneficial in your bra shopping experience. With that in mind, I suggest shopping in person for your new bras whenever possible. Shopping online may seem more convenient, but the ability to try on the bras will ensure you get the right bra for your new breasts every time.

Enjoy Yourself

And finally, the most important part of bra shopping after your breast augmentation: Have fun! You had to patiently wait for the day when you could finally go bra shopping, so now is the time to splurge a little. Buy yourself that expensive bra you want and enjoy your new confidence!
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