Breast Augmentation’s Most Popular Season

Young woman with serious expression wearing a red strappy top

To everything, including cosmetic surgery, there is a season. And while breast augmentation has managed to maintain its place year after year as the country’s most popular cosmetic surgery procedure, many patients considering breast implants at our Marietta, GA practice have asked whether there’s a particular time of the year when the surgery peaks in popularity.
As you might assume, we typically see consultations for breast augmentation pick up in the springtime. These patients often say that although they might have considered breast augmentation for many years, their thoughts about the upcoming warmer months are what spurred them into action. Many women are motivated by the thought of donning a bikini or simply feeling more confident in summer’s lightweight fashions.
If this year seems busier than others, it may be because recent developments in breast augmentation surgery have convinced many previously unsure women that the surgery is a good match for them. Advancements in breast implant options, such as today’s cohesive silicone gel implants, look and feel very natural, which contributes to higher levels of patient satisfaction.
If you’ve been thinking of undergoing breast augmentation, now may be the perfect time to schedule your consultation.

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