Camouflaging Your Post-Op Eyelids

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So you’re ready to get eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, in Atlanta, but you’re worried about the bruising that will inevitably occur around your eyes following your surgery. Here’s the good news: There are ways of camouflaging some of the signs revealing you recently had eyelid surgery. But it’s also important to think about how soon you will safely be able to cover things up.

Week 1: Take it easy.

Although you will not have to be on bed rest following surgery, you will be limited in the first few days as to what activities you can perform. In general, I recommend that patients stay home and relax during those first few days, apply a cold compress to reduce swelling, and apply ointment to the incisions.

Between 2 to 7 days after your surgery, your stitches might be ready to be removed—and around this time, you may start to feel well enough to resume your normal routine. But give yourself permission to relax. There could still be bruising around your eyes, and your incisions may still be slightly pink in color as they begin to fully heal.

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When is it OK to apply makeup?

First, it is important to remember that each individual will heal at a different rate, so you should always follow your surgeon’s recommendations on what is safe or not safe for you. Typically, I do not recommend that patients apply any type of makeup to their incision area for at least a few days prior to removing the stitches. The application of makeup to an incision that is still trying to heal can potentially irritate the eye or cause an infection, so it’s better to proceed with caution rather than cause any damage.

Once your surgeon has given you the go-ahead to start wearing makeup, your makeup choice may depend on the severity of your bruising. For lighter bruising, it may be possible to wear your normal makeup, but be sure to purchase a new bottle or tube for sanitary reasons. The most effective way to cover your bruises is to use a concealer the opposite color as your bruise (i.e., use a green concealer on a red bruise and a yellow concealer on a purple bruise).

If the bruising is more severe, you can purchase tattoo camouflaging makeup, which will be enough to cover a darker bruise. Just remember to apply your makeup gently and avoid the use of harsh chemicals to remove it.

Stay vigilant.

In the weeks following your surgery, you will need to protect your eyes and incisions from sun exposure, so having a good pair of sunglasses and a long-brimmed hat will be essential. Of course, those are also great ways to hide any bruising you are experiencing.

After a few weeks, your bruising should disappear, but the incision could remain slightly pink for up to 6 months. You can continue to wear your makeup as you normally would to cover up any discoloration.

Browse our patients’ before-and-after photos to see how eyelid surgery incisions heal and to get an idea of the type of results you can expect from the procedure.

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