How a Breast Lift Benefits Moms

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Have your breasts started to sag or taken on a droopier, flatter appearance? Are you looking to regain the figure you once had before childbirth, aging or weight loss? Over the years, factors such as pregnancy, nursing, significant weight changes and gravity can all have drastic effects on your breast.

As your skin loses its elasticity, your breast often lose their shape and firmness.

A breast lift, also know as mastopexy, raise the breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to reshape and support the new breast contour. Sometimes the areola with become enlarged over time, a breast lift will reduce this as well.

A breast lift can rejuvenate your figure with a breast profile that is more youthful and uplifted. Did you know that new statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show breast lifts have grown 70% since 2000, outpacing breast augmentation?

How do I know if I am a candidate?
• You are physician healthy and maintain a stable weight
• You are bothered by breasts that sag or have lost shape or volume
• Your breasts have a flatter, elongated shape or are pendulous
• When unsupported, your nipples fall below the breast crease
• Your nipples and areolas point downward
• One breast is lower than the other

Breast lift surgery does not significantly change the size of your breasts or round out their upper portions. If you want fuller looking breasts, consider a lift in conjunction with breast augmentation. Of course, it you are wanting your breast smaller but perky you can do a breast reduction with a lift.

With any surgery you are considering, make sure your consultation is with a specialty trained board certified plastic surgeon. Call our office for a consultation.

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