How Breast Implants Benefit Moms

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At Plastic Surgery Center of the South, we’ve seen women of all ages, shapes and sizes benefit from breast augmentation in Atlanta. This procedure is especially beneficial to moms.
Pregnancy and breastfeeding often cause substantial changes in glandular tissue, fat distribution and skin elasticity in the breasts. Many women experience considerable volume loss as a result. This can in turn lead to other issues such as shape irregularity, sagging and asymmetry. Breast augmentation surgery makes significant improvements for women who wish to respond to all of these issues after having children.
Breast implants don’t just increase breast size – they also create firmer, shapelier breasts that are more in proportion with the patient’s body dimensions. Innovations in implant design are continuously providing women with access to an ever-growing variety of materials, shapes and textures. This means that women who wish to restore volume after pregnancy have the opportunity to achieve a close match to their original breasts – or create the breasts they’ve always wanted.
Women who want to respond to skin laxity and/or irregularities in the nipple/areola complex can also choose to combine their augmentation procedure with a breast lift at our practice.
If you are considering any type of breast enhancement after pregnancy, we recommend that you postpone your procedure until after you have your last child so you can enjoy your breast enhancement results indefinitely.

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