How Liposuction Makes Your Resolutions Stick

Woman working out after having liposuction surgery.

Raise your hand if you’ve resolved to lead a healthier, more active lifestyle this year. Still on track? Maintaining a commitment to getting more exercise and improving your eating habits can be difficult. Body contouring procedures such as liposuction can help motivate you to stick with your New Year’s resolution. People who come in for liposuction at our Atlanta practice tell us that the desire to maintain their results keeps them going to the gym … and also to pursue liposuction.
There is still a misconception that liposuction is a short-cut to losing weight. That’s not the case at all. Liposuction isn’t a weight-loss procedure. It’s actually an ideal treatment for women and men who are already in good shape but who can’t get rid of stubborn bulges that persist despite exercise and dieting. Combining a commitment to a healthy lifestyle with liposuction can help you enjoy the results of your hard work.

Getting to Your Goal Weight

The best liposuction patients are at or near the weight they want to maintain. For people still on that journey, liposuction can be a goal that helps motivate them to continue their healthy habits, including:

  • Following a regular exercise regimen: Regular doesn’t mean doing the same thing over and over. Avoid getting in an exercise rut, which is one of the main reasons people stop working out. Change things up by running and swimming and keep your workouts creative and challenging. Incorporate weights, yoga, aerobics, and anything else that makes exercise more interesting.
  • Getting up and moving at work: A sedentary job can sabotage your weight-loss efforts. Be sure to get up and move several times during the day, and, even better, schedule a brisk walk during a break or lunch.
  • Watching what you eat: Don’t obsess over counting calories but do pay attention to your diet. Weight loss for most people is really as simple as consuming fewer calories than you burn. It’s also important to eat veggies and fruit and drink plenty of water.
  • Not stressing: I really believe that taking some time each day to clear your mind of deadlines or other worries is just as important as exercise.

Once you’ve achieved your goals, liposuction can create the final contours. Something our plastic surgeons hear from patients considering liposuction is that they’re frustrated because they still feel uncomfortable wearing bathing suits or other revealing clothes even after putting in the work to reduce their weight. Some fat simply resists those efforts.
Liposuction removes fat for good. When we lose weight, fat cells shrink. But they can always get larger again. Fat cells removed with liposuction aren’t replaced. That doesn’t mean you can’t become overweight, but the fat will tend to accumulate in other areas of the body.
You can see in our gallery of before-and-after photos the difference that liposuction can make. Learn about the benefits of liposuction by contacting us using the online form to request a consultation or call us at (770) 421-1242 to schedule an appointment.

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