Neo-Peel™ and Reveal

Plastic Surgery Center of the South

We’ve enhanced your options for anti-aging and skin brightening treatments at our Marietta plastic surgery practice to include the Neocutis® Neo-Peel. Neo-Peel features MELAPLEX®, a blend of glycolic acid and skin brightening agents that will leave your skin brighter, clearer, and less wrinkled. There are a number of benefits to choosing Neo-Peel on your next trip to our office. Here are a few:

Gentleness: Neo-Peel is a good treatment for individuals getting a first chemical peel. You’ll see subtle enhancements after one treatment, but patients typically undergo a series of 4 to 6 peels to see significant results.

Reduced downtime: Most people who undergo the mild peel can return to work or their normal routine the same day.

Safety: More research has been conducted on glycolic acid peels than any other type of chemical peel. Patients report very few side effects with this gentle treatment.

When you come in to meet with one of our Marietta plastic surgeons, you can also take advantage of our September special offering 10% off Affirm™ laser treatments.

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