Overcoming Your Facelift Fears

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Thinking about getting a facelift, but worried about enduring a lengthy recovery, looking unnatural, or being that rare person who experiences complications? Then there’s the anxiety about being able to afford it. It’s one thing to get BOTOX® injections, but “going under the knife” is quite different.

Believe me, people considering facelift surgery who visit from Atlanta, GA, and other cities near Marietta share these concerns with our plastic surgeons at Plastic Surgery Center of the South all the time. Being nervous about having cosmetic surgery is normal, and it’s common to be hesitant about moving forward with a facelift. We want our patients to feel comfortable about their decisions, which is why our surgeons take the time to honestly and thoroughly describe the procedure and explain the various options available. For some, a mini facelift is a better fit; others benefit from a brow lift or eyelid surgery.

Common Concerns About Having a Facelift

Here are some the most common concerns patients share with their surgeons during facelift consultations:

  • Looking unnatural, or “worked on,” after the procedure
  • Having to take too much time off work
  • Debating whether it’s worth the cost

Facelift Results Are Long Lasting

One point to consider: While a facelift costs more than nonsurgical procedures, the results will last your entire life. (Learn more in this blog post.) You will always look younger, more refreshed, and less tired after a facelift or other cosmetic facial surgery. The aging process continues and tissues will eventually loosen, but even then, you will age more gracefully.

We Are Known for Natural-Looking Facelift Results

I also emphasize that our surgeons strive for results that look natural, so patients look better after surgery, but without the “worked on” look that causes concern. Most patients are thrilled with the results of a face and neck lift procedure. Look through our online photo gallery of facelift patients to see for yourself.

Facelift Recovery Is Fairly Quick

Our facelift patients are also pleasantly surprised by how quickly they recover. Most are quite comfortable being out and about in public 2 weeks after the surgery.

For many patients, the reason their worries persist is because they haven’t yet had the chance to talk through them. If that sounds like you, it’s worth it to schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss your concerns. Once you’ve established a trusting relationship and understand what you can realistically expect, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll feel much more confident about your choice.

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