Spring 2015 Newsletter

Plastic Surgery Center of the South

Springtime Specials Are Here!

  • During the month of April at our Marietta plastic surgery practice, breast augmentation with saline implants is only $3,700 and with silicone gel is only $4,450. This offer is valid from 4/1/15 to 4/30/15 for new consults only.
  • During the month of May, for our Mother’s Day special, our Marietta, GA patients will receive $100 off the combination of filler and BOTOX® Cosmetic injections. This offer is valid from 5/1/15 to 5/31/15.
  • During the month of June, upper eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) is only $1,200. This offer is valid from 6/1/15 to 6/30/15 for new consults only. (This price does not include fees for anesthesiology or operating room.)

Communication Is Key

We are so excited to introduce our new concierge service for appointment reminders! We will now be confirming appointments by email and text.
This service is a convenient way for you to stay on track about your upcoming appointments, as well as any specials we may be doing. You will even be able to review our services after your appointment. Your feedback is very important to us, and we hope this new open form of communication makes it even easier for you to share your thoughts.

Breast Augmentation 101

The size, shape, and appearance of the breasts can influence how women feel about their bodies and, in turn, themselves. Most women who seek breast augmentation with implants fall into 1 of 2 categories: younger women who have always been dissatisfied with the size and proportion of their breasts, and women later in life who have lost volume after pregnancy, weight loss, or simply aging.
Do you fit into one of those categories? Here are a few quick facts you should know if you’re thinking about breast augmentation:

  • Today’s results look and feel surprisingly natural. In recent years, implant technology has come a long way. You can boost your size without drastically changing your shape or creating a “fake” look.
  • Breast augmentation is one of the safest surgeries in the world. This procedure has one of the lowest complication rates of any surgery, especially when you choose a board-certified plastic surgeon such as one of our specialists.
  • Surgery and recovery are easier than you think. The operation itself takes only an hour or 2, and you’ll be back to work within a week. We also use an innovative local pain reliever called EXPAREL® that lasts 3 days after surgery, so there is no need for oral narcotics. Our patients tend to be amazed at how easy the recovery process is.

What’s more, breast surgery is one of the most satisfying and fulfilling procedures we offer. It is also a very personal decision. Most women consult a plastic surgeon after having done a lot of research.

‘Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother.’ – Lin Yutang

Mothers: This newsletter is dedicated to YOU.
Mothers make sacrifices. They cook, clean, work, run a household, help with homework, kiss their kids’ boo-boos, read bedtime stories, take them to the dentist, doctor, and extracurricular activities. They stay up late when little ones are sick and when older ones get home from that nerve-wracking first date. Mothers strive to give their children every opportunity available to them. They do their best to raise their children into good, moral adults. They pass on the best of themselves.
With Mother’s Day approaching, we recognize all this and more. Cheers to you, mothers everywhere!

The Eyes Have it

The eyes can tell you a lot about a person. But what happens if your eyes look older than you feel? What if aging has made your eyelids look tired, puffy, wrinkled, or just unattractive, but inside you feel vibrant and ready to take on the day?
Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty can help you restore a more beautiful, youthful, and refreshed appearance by removing excess skin, fat, or muscle from drooping or puffy upper and lower eyelids. As one of the most popular cosmetic procedures done today, blepharoplasty can address under-eye bags, sinking upper eyelids, or even drooping eyelids that impair vision, all with a quick surgery and recovery period.
If you don’t like the first impression your eyes are giving off, we’re here to help you change it. Friends and family will wonder if you have been on a diet, taken a vacation, or changed your hairstyle, because there will be no visible signs of your surgery – just a refreshed, bright look.

You’re Invited to ‘glo’ This Spring!

Join us for our Microderm + Makeup event April 28 from noon to 3 p.m. Receive a complimentary mini-microdermabrasion treatment, a glō™ mineral makeup application, and a custom color match. You’ll also receive a fabulous free gift with any glo mineral foundation + LUXE purchase.

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