3 Steps to Beautiful Facial Rejuvenation

Learn about facial rejuvenation options in Atlanta

Many of the patients who come to our practice to talk about facial rejuvenation have a very specific concern. They might be bothered by crow’s feet, deep lines near the mouth, or maybe a furrowed brow. But we often tell patients that treating just a single issue isn’t as effective for refreshing their appearance as a more comprehensive approach would be. Patients at our Marietta practice who combine different kinds of facial plastic surgery with non-surgical treatments tend to be much more satisfied with their results.
I thought about how important it is for patients to understand that getting the best facial rejuvenation results involves taking a “big picture” approach while reading an article in a recent issue of the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®. For patients concerned about signs of aging around the eyes, the article says, the key “is a careful patient analysis and a slow technique … one deformity should not be singled out when rejuvenating the periorbita. The best results are obtained when the entire periorbital area is treated at the same time.”
That’s also true of the entire face. Rather than pinpointing a specific treatment area, it’s important to establish a treatment strategy for complete facial rejuvenation using a 3-step process:

  1. Come in for a personal consultation. Only through a discussion and exam with a trained, experienced surgeon can you get a full summary of every treatment that might be appropriate for you. Use that doctor’s experience to ascertain which options are best in combination.
  2. Combine products or treatments. One specific cause is rarely to blame for an aged look, so one solution probably won’t totally fix it. Ask if multiple treatments will get you better results. For example, we have a lot of success combining blepharoplasty with dermal filler injections, as well as fat grafting with facelift surgery.
  3. Take a comprehensive approach. Plastic surgeons often use the analogy of home improvement: Updating the kitchen highlights how outdated the living room looks. By devising a treatment plan for the entire face, our patients feel they look truly refreshed.

Before embarking on this process, it’s critical to find an experienced facial plastic surgeon who has the skill and aesthetic eye to turn your goals into a reality. Talk to friends and family, do some research online, and, finally, schedule consultations to ensure you select a qualified specialist.

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