Get the Jump on Your Summer Body

Fit young woman in green bikini and sunglasses on the beach

At Plastic Surgery Center of the South, we know you’re working hard to get in shape for summer, and we want to help! For the month of February, we are offering a special on liposuction in Atlanta so you can look your best and feel great. If you haven’t considered adding this procedure to your diet and exercise routine, here are a few reasons why you should:

  • Liposuction sculpts, while exercise slims. To lose fat, exercise and diet are crucial. But a lower number on the scale doesn’t guarantee that you will lose weight from the areas that you want. We all carry weight differently, and liposuction can be useful in sculpting those problematic areas that are difficult to tone.
  • Liposuction removes fat for good. Once the fat cells are removed, they are gone permanently. This does not mean, however, that you can eat with abandon. By maintaining your fitness routine and a healthy eating plan, you can enjoy the results of your liposuction procedure for many years.
  • Liposuction can improve muscle definition. When you are working out and building muscle, you may not see the benefits if a fatty layer of tissue is masking all your hard work. Liposuction can enhance your muscle definition for a lean, sculpted look.

Smaller Without Surgery

For those who don’t want surgery, CoolSculpting® is a great option for nonsurgical fat reduction. CoolSculpting freezes unwanted fat cells around the abdomen and can remove inches from your waistline, with no downtime after the procedure. Many people see significant results with 1 to 2 treatment sessions.
With or without surgery, you can change your body for the better. Visit our website to learn more about body contouring procedures as well as our liposuction special.

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