We’re Celebrating Cosmetic Enhancement

Doctor holding two breast implants out to woman

If you’re interested in the world of cosmetic enhancement, then you’ve probably heard of a fun way for patients to learn about or receive BOTOX® Cosmetic injections called “BOTOX parties.” At Plastic Surgery Center of the South, we put on these kinds of events regularly for the benefit of our patients who want to find out more about things like medical spa treatments and breast implants. Our Atlanta-area patients seem to have a great time at these office events, and they learn a lot, too.
When we host parties like this, both doctors and patients benefit. Prospective patients get the opportunity to meet with our surgeons and their teams face to face to ask questions and find out whether they are comfortable with us. Patients also often get to meet with representatives from major product makers at these events. For instance, Allergan, maker of BOTOX and various breast implants, sends out representatives to office parties regularly to show off products and meet with patients. People who want to hold a breast implant or watch an injection demonstration get the opportunity to do so in a casual atmosphere.
Another boon for patients: deals and discounts. At special events, we give away prizes and offer certain services for less than the usual cost.
Our medical team benefits from office events, too. We get to meet with current and prospective patients in a fun setting. We get to know them better and get valuable feedback.
We have had some great experiences with our past events, and we’ll continue to do more in the future. Visit our Facebook Page to check out the special events we’ve had in the past, and while you’re there, please leave us a comment about what kinds of events you’d like to see in the future. Or, you can comment here on our blog. We want to do all we can to make your experience with us fresh and fun!

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