What’s The Difference Between Saline and Silicone Implants?

Woman and doctor comparing silicone vs. saline breast implants (models)

One of the biggest breast augmentation decisions you will make is the type of implants you want. Here’s a brief comparison:

  • Silicone implants contain cohesive silicone gel that gives your breasts a soft, natural feel and movement. The silicone filling comes in varying degrees of gel thicknesses, including highly cohesive implants that remain form stable even if there’s a tear in the outer implant shell. A disadvantage of silicone implants is that a rupture can go undetected, potentially thickening the tissue, causing pain, or changing the shape of your breast. Silicone implants are typically more expensive than saline implants.
  • Saline implants are filled with sterile saltwater after the implant shell is placed in the body. This allows your surgeon to make a smaller incision than with a silicone implant. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, when a saline implant ruptures, it collapses, and the body harmlessly absorbs the saline. Saline implants are firmer than silicone and tend to ripple, so you may not get the same natural look and feel.

You can learn more about the differences between saline and silicone breast implants on our Breast Implant Options page.

When choosing between saline and silicone implants, your plastic surgeon will discuss the pros and cons of both implants and advise you on the best option. You can see some of our patients’ results with saline and silicone implants in their before and after pictures.

If you are considering breast augmentation with implants, request a consultation at our Marietta, GA, practice or call us at (770) 421-1242 to schedule an appointment.

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