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At Plastic Surgery Center of the South, we’re completely committed to earning and maintaining our patients’ confidence and trust, which is why we spend so much time working with each person to ensure he or she fully understands the options available. People visit us in Marietta for tummy tuck surgery from Atlanta, Woodstock, Roswell, and Canton, GA and beyond. While they’re a diverse group, they’re united by their common questions and concerns, and their desire for the best results. Here, find the answers to some of the top inquiries our board-certified plastic surgeons hear from prospective tummy tuck patients.

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Common Questions

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Why can’t I improve my abdomen with exercise?

Our surgeons emphasize that body contouring patients should first attempt to remedy their concerns by adjusting their diet and exercise habits. Although a healthy lifestyle can help many people achieve their aesthetic goals, it isn’t always the best solution for everyone, especially if loose or sagging skin is a primary concern. In some cases, particularly after childbirth or a significant weight loss, skin doesn’t have the opportunity to “bounce back” and tighten in relation to the body’s new contours. The presence of this skin, which can make people feel extremely self-conscious, is one of the primary reasons people pursue tummy tuck surgery.

I’d like to have children in the future. Can I still have a tummy tuck?

It’s perfectly safe to become pregnant after a tummy tuck, but our surgeons often advise patients to postpone their surgeries until they’re done having children. This is because the changes that a woman’s body undergoes during pregnancy can affect the aesthetic results of her surgery, possibly requiring a revisionary procedure later on. We’re happy to discuss your family plans with you to decide on a timeline that works for you.

Are tummy tucks just for women?

Not at all! Although many tummy tuck patients are women interested in improving their abdomens after pregnancy, the surgery is by no means exclusively for women. At Plastic Surgery Center of the South, we see a number of men each year interested in removing excess skin and fat to make their abdomens more proportionate to the rest of their bodies. Although both men and women may have tummy tuck surgery, men typically have very different aesthetic goals than women, focusing more on revealing a muscular, toned abdomen. Our surgeons work closely with you to develop a technique that suits your individual body.

Will a tummy tuck remove my stretch marks?

Because most tummy tuck surgeries remove a portion of excess skin, it’s possible that your procedure may remove some abdominal stretch marks. Many mothers are also pleased to learn that some C-section scars can also be removed. During your consultation, your surgeon will evaluate your abdomen and help you better visualize your results.

Is it possible to undergo a tummy tuck at the same time as another procedure?

Yes. Many of our patients choose to undergo a tummy tuck in conjunction with a breast enhancement surgery, a combinational procedure known as a Mommy Makeover. Our Atlanta-area tummy tuck patients may also choose liposuction or another type of body contouring in order to further refine their contours. If you wish to improve more than one part of your body through plastic surgery, you and your surgeon will discuss your available options during your consultation.

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What do tummy tuck scars look like?

In order to create the most significant and long-lasting results, traditional tummy tuck surgery uses a horizontal incision that extends from hip to hip. The incision is low enough on the abdomen to allow it to be concealed by clothing and swimwear. Our surgeons understand that scarring is a major concern of most patients, and they advise you on proper care during your recovery to ensure quick healing and a very discreet scar.

When can I get back to work and my other usual activities?

This really depends on the nature of your work, your lifestyle, and the specifics of your surgery. Generally speaking, most patients feel comfortable returning to work after about 2 weeks. However, if your job is more physically demanding, you may require more time spent at home. Although you can return to the office after a couple of weeks, it’s important to avoid more strenuous activities, such as working out, for up to 6 weeks. During your consultation and follow-up visits, your surgeon can give you a more specific idea of when you can return to your favorite activities.

How long do the results of a tummy tuck last?

Avoiding major weight changes goes a long way toward maintaining your results. By getting regular exercise and eating a healthful diet, your skin will likely stay taut and your muscles strong and toned for many years. Tummy tuck is a significant cosmetic procedure, and, as such, its results are enduring.

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