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Sleeping After Your Cosmetic Procedure

Sleep is essential to a healthy immune system and a speedier recovery. Your body must work hard to heal after surgery, which is why many people feel fatigued in the days following their procedures. However, when we sleep, the body is still and can promote good blood flow to the injured muscles and tissues, delivering oxygen and nutrients. Following are some of … Read more

Breast Implants: How Big Is Too Big?

When it comes to breast augmentation, choosing the size of implants is probably your most important decision. It is more than just picking a cup size—there are many different factors to consider. We encourage breast augmentation patients at our Atlanta practice to honestly discuss their aesthetic goals during their consultations. However, it is a good idea to start thinking about … Read more

The Biggest Reasons to Have a Tummy Tuck

For abdominal improvement, tummy tuck truly stands alone in terms of what it can accomplish. Abdominoplasty improves both the shape and contour of the abdomen, allowing patients to wear different types of clothing and forget about trying to dress in a way that hides that unwanted belly bulge. My Marietta, Woodstock, and Canton-area plastic surgery patients love the versatility of … Read more

Tummy Tuck Is About You. Forget About the Stigma.

Women sitting on couch reading newspaper

It isn’t an exaggeration to say we see the positive effect of plastic surgery every single day. Patients from Woodstock, Acworth, and throughout the Atlanta area often say that it’s a life-changing experience. At the same time, we understand that a stigma surrounding cosmetic plastic surgery persists, although it seems to be becoming more accepted with each passing year. Some … Read more

Defining Yourself Through a Mommy Makeover

Being a mom can be rewarding, challenging, frustrating, heartwarming, and immensely satisfying — all within a few hours. Just as there isn’t a single way to sum up the feelings that motherhood brings, trying to define moms within a narrow set of social standards is equally misguided. At our Marietta plastic surgery center, patients with children remain independent personalities with unique … Read more

Slimming for Summer: Consider Liposuction or CoolSculpting®

Summer is right around the corner, so it’s no surprise that more patients are coming into our practice with questions on how they can get rid of those small pockets of fat around the body. We most commonly recommend CoolSculpting or liposuction at our Marietta, GA practice because both options provide beautiful results with minimal or no recovery time. Curious … Read more

Why We Prefer the Inframammary Breast Augmentation Incision

When it comes to choosing breast implants our Atlanta patients have a lot of options when it comes to size, shape, and material. One breast augmentation decision that is often a simpler choice is where the incisions will be. Surgeons can take a few different approaches, but we at Plastic Surgery Center of the South agree that the inframammary incision … Read more

We’re Celebrating Cosmetic Enhancement

If you’re interested in the world of cosmetic enhancement, then you’ve probably heard of a fun way for patients to learn about or receive BOTOX® Cosmetic injections called “BOTOX parties.” At Plastic Surgery Center of the South, we put on these kinds of events regularly for the benefit of our patients who want to find out more about things like … Read more

Don’t Lose Sleep Over Your Skin Care

Don’t Lose Sleep Over Your Skin Care

A recent study has linked a lack of sleep to poor skin quality. As a plastic surgeon serving sun-soaked Marietta and Atlanta, I can tell you that we don’t need any more skin-damaging factors out there. Try as we might, though, to maintain a solid sleep routine, sometimes we just don’t get the shut-eye our bodies need. That’s where skincare products come … Read more

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